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HVAC industry shortages! Why you shouldn’t wait to replace

HVAC services are in high demand and the entire industry is experiencing supply shortages. The summer weather has increased the demand for HVAC equipment, especially in the record-setting San Diego heat.

A spike in air conditioner demand is generally welcomed by most contractors, but supply shortages have made it difficult to deliver on customer needs. With shortages in the industry impacting material costs, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics, and being expected to rise, it’s important to find the best HVAC provider in your area.

Many HVAC service providers are helping people save money by reminding homeowners about the importance of maintenance, such as changing filters and checking their overall systems, which can help avoid a need for larger repairs involving equipment that is in short supply due to the pandemic. Maintenance service is doable because it doesn’t require new equipment, replacements, or add-ons that can be hard to come by.

It’s also important to opt for any new installations or replacements as soon as possible to avoid unobtainable equipment in an emergency. Having your AC go out completely during this heatwave would be a disaster. Be proactive—this shortage could continue for quite a while.

Whether you need a small repair or a new system, make sure you leave it to the experts to get it done correctly, the first time. Some HVAC providers have physical inventory so they don’t have to order anything, allowing them to do the project fast and for a fair price despite the effects of the shortages.

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