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What to know about the air-conditioning parts shortage

With late season rain moving out and consistently warm temperatures here to stay, many are hoping to crank up their air conditioning.

A nationwide supply chain problem with parts needed to repair HVAC systems may cause issues for homeowners, but some businesses are prepared to ride out the shortage.

Robert Logan, president of Plumbline Services, tells the Local News Reports the shortage affects the availability of steel, aluminum, copper and plastics.ADVERTISING

The cost of these items is expected to rise in the coming months.

“On the metal side 20 to 30%. On the plastic side we’re approaching 300%,” Logan said.

Logan said his company will be able to withstand the shortage without having to pass along costs to customers because of its size.

“We have the luxury because of our size of ordering equipment in advance…we’ve ordered almost a million dollars of equipment to prepare for the summer,” Logan said.

Still, with increased demand for air conditioning repairs and installations during the summer months, Logan advises anyone who needs service to address the issue as soon as possible.

He adds that the best thing homeowners can do is have their air conditioning system inspected to prevent the need for repairs, saving time and money.

“Changing your filter in your furnace is the number one thing you can do, because that’s where the air circulates. And if it’s clogged up, your air conditioner is going to freeze up,” Logan said.

Plumbline Services recommends that air filters be changed monthly during heavy usage.

It is also important to have a professional inspection before seasonal use, which includes checking electrical connections and safety valves. Faulty connections can be dangerous, especially in areas that can be accessed by children.

Many HVAC manufacturers will not stand behind their warranty if your unit isn’t inspected by a licensed contractor.

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